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detox retreat  in traben trarbach

detox retreat traben trarbach

Come here for short wellbeing, slimming, beauty and anti-ageing packages or for a proper full-on detox through panchakarma of two weeks or more.

At Parkschlossen, there are plenty of lovely activities to distract you between ayurveda treatments - lounge in the sauna (infused with lemon-grass, spruce or sandalwood for different constitutions); read on piles of soft wool blankets by the swimming pool; take one of the spa’s classes in a gorgeous wooden-floored room with huge windows.

Panchakarma 10 days – basic detoxification

The programme will free you of everything that robs you of energy: fat-soluble and water-soluble toxins, overweight and stress.  Methods include harmonising synchronous oil massages, a cleansing herbal steam bath, gentle internal detoxification, light vegetarian food and a lot of rest.

This is how you find your way back to more productivity and get into top physical shape.

Other recommended wellness clinics in Europe

If you would rather go on a detox retreat with a small group of like minded guests, you could try one of the highly regarded in:spa retreats in Andalusia, the South of France or in exotic Marrakech.  Enjoy a wonderful combination of gourmet cleansing cuisine, regular hikes, daily yoga, fitness training, massages and a nutritional consultation.  It's great fun too!



This elegant art deco house is a calm and collected place to experience the ancient therapy of Ayurv…


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