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hiking  in british columbia

hiking british columbia

Hiking in British Columbia, especially in and around Echo Valley's unique geographic landscapes, is Nirvana for hikers and walkers. These include mountains and boreal forest, canyon deserts, grasslands and marshes.

The abundantly varied topography has created a diverse number of hikes for the casual walker as well as challenging hikes for the adventurous explorer.

Self-guided hikes include a one-hour circle route on the Echo Valley Ranch property that passes through the horse and cattle fields. Other unguided hiking trails will take you along a choice of six nature trails, and to the historic Rhinehart barn.  In all likelihood, you could be joined by one or more of Echo Valley's friendly Border Collies!  Their companionship along the way makes hiking in the pristine wilderness especially enjoyable.

Guided hikes include:

  • Ascending Mount Bowman - a climb of approximately 7,460 feet
  • Walking down the side of the Fraser Canyon, from boreal forest to desert conditions at the Fraser River below - a descent of approximately 3,500 feet
  • Crossing through lake country with all its creeks and waterways, often filled with spawning fish (spring), Marsh Wrens, Yellow Headed Blackbirds, Sandhill Cranes and assorted ducks
  • Hiking through to beautiful stands of Aspen and fir to rolling cattle pastures and up to Gang Ranch. This is one of British Columbia's first cattle ranches dating back to the 1860's.

In September, the ranch offers a superb 7 night hiking adventure, that explores the ranch resort's four different geographic landscapes in four, day-long hikes with experienced guides. This still leaves time for other activities such as spa treatments, whether to ease sore muscles or simply relax.

The 4x4 hiking package includes:

  • 7-nights deluxe accommodation in Dove Lodge or Lookout Lodge (cabins are available at a small additional charge);
  • All meals, including a special Thai Night and Western BBQ
  • Use of all the ranch resort's facilities.
  • Additional options such as spa treatments and other eco adventures are available on an a la carte, priority booking basis.
  • The Mount Bowman ascent
  • Marsh Walk
  • The Grasslands
  • The Fraser Canyon

Participants can, if they wish, endeavour to beat and set new time records for various hikes such as reaching the mountain summit, descending the Fraser Canyon Wall, and others. 

Note:  Only two, one-week hiking packages are offered a year, in September, with a total of ten participants per package.  Please ask our travel experts for further details and availability.

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