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pilates  in bavaria

pilates bavaria

Pilates, Tai Chi Chuan, Nuad Phaen Boran and Thai Meditation are an inherent part of the spa program at Schloss Elmau, Bavaria.

Pilates is an intregral body training which specifically trains the deep-seated, small, but usually weak muscle groups responsible for a correct and healthy posture. The goal is to strengthen the musculature, build better overall stamina, coordination, improve posture, stimulate circulation and develop increased body awareness. There are over 500 different exercises. Particularly exercises done on floor mats will focus on the center of the body: the muscles around the hips, pelvis, stomach and lower back and in doing so increase stability and flexibility in the lower back.

Pilates is now widely accepted by physical therapists and the results (firm body, stately posture and better coordination) has made Pilates very popular with actors, athletes and dancers.

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schloss elmau

schloss elmau

Escape to a pristine sanctuary of magical beauty in the Bavarian Alps. A truly extraordinary resort…