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spa  in british columbia

spa british columbia

The fusion of Western and Eastern influences is the most distinguishing feature of the Echo Valley Spa.

The spa at Echo Valley Ranch offers an exquisite blend of classic European spa services in the Western-style Cariboo Spa, alongside traditional Thai spa therapies in the Thai Spa.  Indeed, the range of professional spa treatments is extraordinary!

Consequently, Echo Valley guests can experience a destination spa resort that offers an unparalleled concept of holistic well-being from detoxifying body wraps and scrubs to manicures and hair styling, with authentic Thai therapies that are based on traditional Thai medicine.  Many of these, such as Thai massage, are widely practised in Thailand as a primary form of health care.

Echo Valley's pristine location sets the stage for inner and outer wellness.  The water is taken from one of the five natural springs on the ranch. It sparkles - and needs no filtration.  The unpolluted air at 3,650 ft altitude means the air is so fresh you can almost taste its clarity.  With no light pollution from nearby cities, you can see the night sky filled with countless stars.  And the ever-present sound of silence will quieten your voice, your mind and your soul.

In addition, there's hiking or horseback riding through wilderness trails, the opportunity to 'whisper with horses' and engage with other ranch animals; and you'll find yourself at a destination resort spa that envelops you with a peaceful sense of mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Most of the full time spa staff have been with Echo Valley from the beginning, working together and living at the ranch. They are a truly exceptional team who are quite typically Canadian in that they come from many different parts of the world, and although they have different cultures, religions, and beliefs, they all seem to live together in happy harmony.

echo valley

echo valley

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is one of Canada's most luxurious resort ranches - the perfect choice for th…


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