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yoga  in anguilla

yoga anguilla

Yogis will not be disappointed with the yoga and meditation classes on offer at Viceroy Anguilla....

There are a number of classes on offer at Viceroy Anguilla all year, such as:

Vinyasa Flow:  The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” The teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. This technique is called Vinyasa Flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance.

Power Yoga:  Power yoga is a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. Most power yoga is closely modeled on the Ashtanga style of practice. Power yoga is challenging and active, and will appeal to people who are already quite fit and enjoy exercising.

Gentle Yoga:  Gentle yoga is a style of yoga that is far less strenuous than other forms of hatha yoga. It's less intense, so it can be very useful for yogis who are not capable of fulfilling the demands of other practices.

30 Minute Guided Meditation:  This simple 30 minute session will help you achieve deep relaxation and release negative emotions or beliefs that are preventing you from being further enlightened.

viceroy anguilla

viceroy anguilla

Anguilla's newest and most luxurious resort, Viceroy Anguilla, is set on a bluff in 35 acres of lush…