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Kathryn Brierley, Director

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Kathryn Brierley, Director

We've been creating fabulous healthy holidays since 2003. Let us know where and when you would like to travel, what sort of healthy activities and services you're interested in, and our experts will tailor-make the perfect healthy holiday for you.

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health and fitness travel trends 2015

health and fitness travel trends 2015

Kathryn Brierley, co-founder of The Healthy Holiday Company – the specialist in health, fitness, detox and spa holidays – shares some of her personal tips on emerging health and fitness trends for the year ahead. From sleep enhancement and sugar free holidays, to ‘faster’ fitness breaks and a focus on mind over body, there is a host of new and exciting ways to get fit and healthy on holiday.

‘All inclusive’ fitness hotels

Following the ‘Value Spa’ trend of last year, The Healthy Holiday Company has recently noticed a rise in hotels offering comprehensive fitness programmes to guests free of charge, well beyond the standard hotel gym.  As well as being extremely cost effective, this DIY fitness holiday means that guests have a choice of fitness classes to attend throughout their stay. 

For example, 4* Hotel Galasol, Maderia, Portugal offers a vast selection of fitness classes as well as an extensive gym from Pilates, yoga, tennis, trail running, aquagym, body pump, paddle boarding, kayaking and spinning – all included in the low cost holiday price. 7 nights available from £595pp based on 2 sharing on a B&B basis, including flights.   Or, the 5* D-Hotel Maris, Turkey also offers a comprehensive daily programme of wellness classes such as yoga, pilates and zumba as well as five private beaches perfect to balance all the activity with some serious sunshine time -  7 nights available from £750pp based on 2 sharing on a B&B basis including transfers.

Blood Testing for Beauty

Blood testing is not new in the world of medical spas. Programmes at Longevity and Vedura have used this type of analysis in their weight loss, or stress management programmes for quite a few years. However the practice is now creeping into more beauty focused programmes. For example Villa Padierna uses blood testing in its new ‘Bubble Pure Beauty Programme’  designed to fight the ravages of stress and time and to rejuvenate the appearance of both face and body by performing a series of treatments inside a bubble which creates an atmosphere of pure air to help the skin form collagen and elastin.  7 nights available from £2,842p based on 2 sharing a Deluxe Room. Price includes return flights and airport transfers and full Bubble Pure Beauty Programme.

Faster Fitness Fixes

With increasingly busy lifestyles, it is hard to find the time to relax – let alone exercise. The Healthy Holiday Company has seen an increase in the number of ‘nano’ fitness breaks lasting just 3, 4 or 5 days instead of the standard week long holiday, perfect to fit in around work schedules. 

For example fitscape, Paradis Plage, Morocco is now offering shorter 4 and 5 night fitness holidays at its new location on the Moroccan Atlantic Coast. Guests can enjoy a fun and varied exercise programme each day of up to 5 hours. 4 nights available from £795pp based on 2 sharing on a half-board basis. Or, Longevity at its new home at Vilalara Thalassa, Algarve  is now offering a short fitness booster programme to increase the fitness levels of guests, allowing them to return home feeling energised and motivated. 3 nights available from £2,365pp based on 2 sharing on an all-inclusive basis.

Rise of the Mindfulness Retreat

As well as looking to travel physically, holidaymakers are increasingly looking to travel within. Rather than the standard spa or fitness break, people are now looking to achieve a total balance of the body and mind. The Healthy Holiday Company has noticed a marked increase in clients seeking a holiday that includes an element of meditation and inward contemplation with our busy lifestyles leaving us searching for some inner peace.

As well as an increased feature of meditation generally as part of many yoga holidays, a number of specialist ‘Mindfulness’ retreats are popping up such as  Villa Padierna in Andalucia, Spain recently introducing a week long Mindfulness Programme which offers an intense combination of meditation, yoga, massage and practices such as Feldenkrais and Five Tibetan Rites, combining to help reduce stress and revitalize the mind. 7 nights available from £3,050pp based on 2 sharing a Deluxe Room, including flights and programme.

Increase in Sleep-Enhancement Retreats

With Brits juggling chaotic lifestyles, the NHS recently announced that a third of the UK’s population suffer from regular episodes of insomnia.* Holidays that focus on sleep enhancement are becoming increasingly popular. The Healthy Holiday has introduced a new sleep ritual guide that gives advice to the sleep deprived such as nutrition, relaxation and general lifestyle tips for a series of expert practitioners. 

The number of dedicated sleep enhancement programmes is on the up too with a new Deep Sleep and Relax Retreat at Hotel Aguas de Ibiza offering therapies such as NSA - which uses gentle and precise touch to the spine to help release tension and help you drift off easily. Guests feel an increase in energy plus greater ability to adapt to stress, improving quality of sleep. 6 nights available from £1,945pp based on 2 sharing a Deluxe Room on an all-inclusive basis, including flights and programme.

Also, the new buzz word ‘ beditation’ is creeping into many programmes, combining yoga and meditation before bedtime. Specialist yoga holiday operator, destination yoga will be introducing beditation tips on all its retreats in 2015, with a week’s yoga holiday starting from £695 per person

Sugar-Free Holidays

Leading on from the gluten-free focus of last year, and following recent government advice highlighting the importance of cutting down our daily sugar intake**more people are looking to use a holiday as an opportunity to help them kick the sugar habit. For example, The Healthy Holiday Company’s own in:spa detox retreats focus on changing the mindsets of guests by showing them how to prepare delicious, but healthy meals with no sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine and salt. The week long retreat is designed to transform physical and mental wellbeing through a personalised programme of gourmet detox, diet, exercise, yoga and relaxation, priced from £1895 per person 

Other options include the Juicing Detox at Sianji Wellbeing Resort, Bodrum, Turkey, priced from £995 per person, which offers guests three plant-based, unprocessed, gourmet raw food meals a day combined with freshly squeezed juices in between. Healthy living lectures and raw food demonstrations are also included to help ensure a long-term lifestyle change.

Pilates is on the up

Favoured by celebs including Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, pilates-focused fitness retreats have seen a huge increase of interest recently, with hotels and resorts around the world investing in studios packed full of reformer machines and combination systems. SHA Wellness Clinic, Costa Blanca, Spain has installed Reformer machines as part of their recent huge upgrade in which wellness spa has doubled in size. 2 nights available from £910pp based on 2 sharing on an all inclusive basis, including flights.

The Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samaui, Thailand has recently introduced a dedicated Pilates Boot Camp. Guests will have two group reformer classes a day, as well as postural analysis and individual one-to-one private reformer sessions. The all-inclusive package also incorporates a wellness consultation, three spa cuisine meals a day, soothing massages to knead away tensed muscles and scheduled group fitness classes.  7 nights available from £1,695pp based on 2 sharing on an all inclusive basis, including flights.

Learning New Sports

With enough time to try it out and improve, people are using their holiday down time to focus on a new sport, whether it is aerial yoga in Morocco or kick boxing in Thailand. For example:

  • Nordic Walking at Tschuggen Grand Arosa, Swiss Alps – 5 nights available from £1,310pp based on 2 sharing on a B&B basis.
  • Thai Kickboxing at Aava Resort and Spa, Thailand  - 10 nights available from £1,075pp based on 2 sharing on a B&B basis including flights.

*NHS sleep statistics available at

** BBC News sugar intake statistics available at

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